Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pipe Dreams

Its 11 am on a lazy Thursday morning. My Aunties schnauzers loud boisterous bark woke me up early this morning, having me worried that he was locked outside the house, trapped in the compost. I'm not sure how he gets in but not having opposable thumbs prevents him from getting out. But no, he was not trapped, my sweet alarm clock of a dog just wanted to play. I however, did not want to play, but I was now awake so breakfast was a must (aka latte) and a healthy dose of Slice: Say Yes to The Dress and Fashion Television, Jeanne Becker is one of my favorite people in the world. If I didn't love my family so much she would be RIGHT up there. I have high hopes in my fashion dreams. Things like money and a Visa (not the credit card) prevented me from going to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) and taking Footwear Design. To be one of the few to be accepted into FIDM was an honor in itself. But $60,000 for 9 months in tuition alone was a little steep. Which lead me to discovering the best school in Canada for me. As the story goes after a year of searching for perfection my mom, a very sweet caring woman, shot down my dreams of going to La Salle College in Montreal. I paid the down payment only to find my sweet caring mother only to have already paid the down payment at Cow Town, Olds, Alberta. Where? That's exactly what I said. No Montreal for this girl.   C'est la vie. That's right...right? My french is pretty horrible. Does anyone know of the videos Tele Francais...the talking pineapple? That's where all of my french came from.

Yes so Olds College Fashion Marketing. An excellent education just in a not so fashionable town. In Alberta I met the nerdiest guy in the world! Who this year dropped the bomb shell... "Where is this fashion career going to take you? Are you going to be a retail lifer?" Coming from potential doctor it's kind of intimidating. My FIDM plan was footwear designer, store in San Francisco. That was the end of the ten year plan. Shattered.
I wanted to open a store in Montreal selling independent labels but ended up staying for Mr.Smarty Pants.
Now I'm not quite sure. I love Visual Design, I would love to be a Image Consultant but mainly I have to prove to Mr. Smarty Pants but Pipe Dreams are reality and my passion can be a career not a hobby. Ahh. It makes me crazy.

Project Stylist has come into action by my parents who were hesitant in me taking fashion to begin with.
I guess I just wanted to talk about it.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Style Montreal

I was in Montreal last week. Isn't it said that Montreal is one of the most fashionable cities in Canada? The Paris/New York of Canada? I saw nothing worth writing home about. I am originally from Winnipeg (known for our cold winters mostly) and I've seen better fashion on a Wednesday afternoon than I did on a Friday night in Montreal. It's sad really. The boutiques on Mount Royal were amazing! I bought some really fun and unique pieces but didn't see a lot of people who looked like the "After" shot of a makeover.

Thats all for Montreal fashion

: ) till next time, possibly my review of Edmonton Fashion week??? We'll see.