Monday, 25 February 2013

Like the Secret Garden...

Lost and Forgotten, but still very beautiful.

I'm not sure if that even makes sense but it's the first thing I thought of.

In 2011 I left you with one post and by you I mean me because I'm the only person that has ever viewed this page.
Incase anyone ever looks at this I will continue to write you even though currently I am talking to myself only in a healthy way...yes in 2011 I left talking to you about pipe dreams.

My pipe dream was to become a Fashion Consultant. Well here I am two years later working on a marketing plan for my very own business. How sweet it is! I moved back home to Winnipeg and am loving it! I lost like 10-15 pounds the first month of being home because I wasn't stressed out to the core. Even being jobless and having my parents pay my rent, which yes I am upset about, doesn't stress me out. A potential employee called me today appolagizing saying they loved me but they couldn't offer me any hours if they were to hire me. I was completely fine. Minutes leading up to that moment I was listening to "Guilty Pleasures of the 90's" on Songza and Gettin Jiggy Wit It had just been on and Mmm Bop was starting. I was actually so excited and couldn't stop smiling, for anyone that reads this and it's not just me every 2 months, I love 90s music, 80s music and one hit wonders like I can't begin to describe the love.

So distracted right now.
So Image Consultant before I get distracted again I will say I have developed a business plan I'm about 80% done that and then there's the website, I just started sorting out how I want the layout to look, before I talk to the website designer I want everything to be perfect. I have been half mind thinking about my name for my company it's crucial really. Like a tattoo. A big commitment. I have to look at it every day and still love it after 3 years, a month with my A.D.D. I can't even commit to a Twitter account name.
The polyvore sets I post are current trends and sometimes outfits I put together for friends. They will be current trends but they are specifically designed for a persons body type. Liz is a petite inverted a body type. She has wide shoulders, average bust, no waist, no hips, slim legs. So talking fruit and random objects ex Pear, Apple, Hourglass etc. Liz is a cone.

You really are getting a free Consultation here if you are a cone body shape. Lucky you.

The Most Difficult Girl to Shop For

The Most Difficult Girl to Shop For

Open back romper
$72 -

Pull Bear pull bear
$28 -

Peach necklace

Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses

My friend Liz

My friend Liz

Waist dress

Spiked ballet flat

Leather handbag
$155 -

Body jewelry

Kate Spade bow bangle

Ray-Ban logo sunglasses

Monday, 18 February 2013

Keeping style alive without getting Frost bite

Spring Fashion 2013 *Floral and Lace

Spring Fashion 2013

Dorothy perkins dress

Stella mccartney jacket

Witchery block heels
$105 -

This is a very feminine look that I love! Floral blazer, lace dress and nude heels. 

The Floral pattern will be huge in Spring 2013. You will see it on everything like the Blazer shown here, printed denim and pants, shoes, dresses, skirts and accessories. Don't be afraid to wear more then one floral piece together. 
The next post will be on wearing pattern head to toe and how to make it pleasing to the eye.
We'll see Lace in vintage styles from the 1960's (my favorite era and currently the trend that we are seeing again). Full skirts and A-line dresses. We'll also see lace shorts and very cute lace skirts (too short for me to wear probably my legs are way to long)
The Block Heel is perfect! The Block heel was seen a lot in the late 80s and early 90's for the "working woman". Thank goodness shoulder pads aren't being brought back with it. The modernized block heel is more stylish and will come in many styles not just the nude pump you see here. 

If you don't feel comfortable pairing the lace dress with the floral blazer, try a solid color blazer; peach or brown. would look great as well. Feel free to add a statement necklace as well.  

Spring 2013 Must Haves pt1

Spring 2013 Must Haves Pt.1

I will be sharing with you some posts I have created on Polyvore that showcase this springs hottest styles.
Distressed Denim is going to make a comeback. When wearing distressed denim buying a pair of jeans that has a few minor tears like the ones shown are a good purchase. Distressed Denim that is ripped all the way down and is practically falling apart is trashy; a definite NO.
Go Nautical! Though some people say "I can't wear stripes they are unflattering" it's all about the size of stripe you choose, the color and most of all the style; are they vertical or horizontal? Horizontal stripes will add weight (so to speak) while a vertical stripe will make your torso seem longer and thinner. I am one for vertical stripes as I am pear shaped.
Flatforms are very fun and great for my friend who has flat feet (I'll make sure to give her a call asap). Flatforms are very self explanatory. They are a flat shoe/sandal raised with a platform and they would look perfect with slim/skinny jeans, cute shorts and a sundress; whether it be denim, floral or striped.