Monday, 18 February 2013

Spring 2013 Must Haves pt1

Spring 2013 Must Haves Pt.1

I will be sharing with you some posts I have created on Polyvore that showcase this springs hottest styles.
Distressed Denim is going to make a comeback. When wearing distressed denim buying a pair of jeans that has a few minor tears like the ones shown are a good purchase. Distressed Denim that is ripped all the way down and is practically falling apart is trashy; a definite NO.
Go Nautical! Though some people say "I can't wear stripes they are unflattering" it's all about the size of stripe you choose, the color and most of all the style; are they vertical or horizontal? Horizontal stripes will add weight (so to speak) while a vertical stripe will make your torso seem longer and thinner. I am one for vertical stripes as I am pear shaped.
Flatforms are very fun and great for my friend who has flat feet (I'll make sure to give her a call asap). Flatforms are very self explanatory. They are a flat shoe/sandal raised with a platform and they would look perfect with slim/skinny jeans, cute shorts and a sundress; whether it be denim, floral or striped.

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