Monday, 25 February 2013

Like the Secret Garden...

Lost and Forgotten, but still very beautiful.

I'm not sure if that even makes sense but it's the first thing I thought of.

In 2011 I left you with one post and by you I mean me because I'm the only person that has ever viewed this page.
Incase anyone ever looks at this I will continue to write you even though currently I am talking to myself only in a healthy way...yes in 2011 I left talking to you about pipe dreams.

My pipe dream was to become a Fashion Consultant. Well here I am two years later working on a marketing plan for my very own business. How sweet it is! I moved back home to Winnipeg and am loving it! I lost like 10-15 pounds the first month of being home because I wasn't stressed out to the core. Even being jobless and having my parents pay my rent, which yes I am upset about, doesn't stress me out. A potential employee called me today appolagizing saying they loved me but they couldn't offer me any hours if they were to hire me. I was completely fine. Minutes leading up to that moment I was listening to "Guilty Pleasures of the 90's" on Songza and Gettin Jiggy Wit It had just been on and Mmm Bop was starting. I was actually so excited and couldn't stop smiling, for anyone that reads this and it's not just me every 2 months, I love 90s music, 80s music and one hit wonders like I can't begin to describe the love.

So distracted right now.
So Image Consultant before I get distracted again I will say I have developed a business plan I'm about 80% done that and then there's the website, I just started sorting out how I want the layout to look, before I talk to the website designer I want everything to be perfect. I have been half mind thinking about my name for my company it's crucial really. Like a tattoo. A big commitment. I have to look at it every day and still love it after 3 years, a month with my A.D.D. I can't even commit to a Twitter account name.
The polyvore sets I post are current trends and sometimes outfits I put together for friends. They will be current trends but they are specifically designed for a persons body type. Liz is a petite inverted a body type. She has wide shoulders, average bust, no waist, no hips, slim legs. So talking fruit and random objects ex Pear, Apple, Hourglass etc. Liz is a cone.

You really are getting a free Consultation here if you are a cone body shape. Lucky you.

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